Pike fishing on the French River, ON

Posted on July 20th, 2015
Our good friend Gabor Horvat just got back from French river. He reports It was a nice week to have booked a vacation with his children and their spouses.
His son Patrik is a very good angler & golfer, but he is busy does not get a chance to fish that often.  It was Warren’s first time fishing with Gabor and he  had a great time catching lot’s of fish.
They went out every day in the morning to get the morning bite. Surprisingly the weed beds that were there last year had disappeared from the areas they were fishing.
It was a new challenge to find weed areas and to locate fish. They managed it and landed some nice pike.
Most of the fish we were targeted in the 8-11 feet water depth. In most cases their strategy was to  position their boat just off the edges of shoals, and cast towards them.  Most of the pike were caught casting spinnerbaits.
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