Perch & Walleye eggs are good to eat.

Posted on March 29th, 2017

Especially over the winter months I have seen hundred of images of ice anglers catching and keeping large Perch. No question perch are one of the best tasting freshwater fish since they are part of the same family as the Walleye. Most of the really big, fat perch are actually big female fish full of eggs. They may look like they have really big fillets, but when you clean them and remove the eggs, their fillets are only slightly bigger than the larger male perch.


I learned a long time ago that Perch & Walleye eggs are good eating even if they are just prepared like the perch & walleye fillets. The one thing you have to do is remove the eggs from the protective “”skeen”. I usually do this by slicing the skeen open and gently scraping the eggs off with a knife. Then I just take clumps of eggs, coat them in Fish Crisp and drop the in the deep-fryer. It’s a shame to just throw out Perch & Walleye eggs that are often obtained when ice fishing.

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