Paddle Tail or Straight Tail Plastic Swimbait for Spring Walleye.

Posted on May 14th, 2020

Walleye anglers will agree that jigs/plastic grubs are ideal to catch Walleye all season long and especially in the spring after they spawn, hold near the bottom and feed heavily.

Which plastic grub is best to start with when based on the conditions you’re fishing?

Here’s my simple strategy:


If you’re fishing rapids or small and large rivers that have a good flow. The best jig/grub combination is the one that will have less resistance to the current and will enable you to keep it in contact near the bottom.

Plastic swimbaits with straight tail (no paddle), and ones that are flatter as opposed to being wider will be able to drop easier to the bottom even in current. It’s also important to rig these on a round jighead. The Fishing Compete Mad Tom that is flat in configuration and has a non-action tail works great especially in waters where Gobies are present.

Shallower Lakes

If I’m fishing shallower lakes that already have weeds and water clarity may already be turbid from early season algae blooms I normally start with a paddle-tail grub like the Fishing Complete Magic Stick or a simple curley-tail grub.

The paddle tail sends out additional vibrations and can work well to draw Walleye from a distance and also out of early growing aquatic vegetation.

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