Pacific Chinook Salmon, Sund’s Lodge, BC.

Posted on July 15th, 2018

I look forward to every excuse I get to fish Steelhead & Salmon in their native waters on our Pacific coast. Whether it’s fishing the Terrace, BC tributaries for river fish, or in the Pacific for silver salmon.

ben reubeni chinook

Recently we had an amazing trip to Sund’s Lodge, BC where we did a variety of fishing in 3-days including downrigging for native salmon. The Chinook were running and we had a blast catching them using Scotty downriggers  trolling in 50-120′ water using anchovie plastic heads and frozen, whole anchovies. Wild Chinook have a lot more energy than our Great Lakes salmon and the largest fish of the trip sizzled-off at least 100 yds of line on the initial run…lot’s of fun!!

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