Orissa, India Filming Update – Day 8.

Posted on November 17th, 2011

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Today we were off on an adventure to find and catch the elusive Snakehead fish.  This fish can reach weights of over 40 lb., but we were just happy to find enough of them to do a ½ hr. TV show.  We met out native fishing guides and fished a lush, shallow lake for them and discovered a concentration of fish in a small tributary where we could sight-cast to them.  Our bait was live prawns that were caught just before we got to the water.  Snakehead are not easy to hook, you have to spot a fish and make a cast in the general area as fast as you can before they swim down to deeper depths.  Much like our North American Bowfin (Dogfish), the Snakehead is also equipped with an air bladder that can take oxygen out of the air.  For this reason they regularly head to the surface and take a “gulp” of air.  That’s the time to spot them and make a cast in their direction.  Once hooked they fight hard and we had some Snakehead make jumps across the air of over 4’.

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