Orissa, India Filming-Day 4.

Posted on November 13th, 2011

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Today we watched tribal fishermen wading the river and using special triangular nets to catch fry-prawns.  The fishermen catch these tiny prawns, keep them alive and transport them to small ponds near their villages where they grown them until they are 1/2 lb. in size.  It was very interesting watching them working the middle of the river right at daybreak.  We also watched many tribal fishermen using cast-nets to catch a variety of small fish including mullet and various species of baitfish.

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From Locust Resort we traveled through the country side and through small villages where we had a first-hand look to see some of the every day activity of the local people.

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Our highlight for the day was traveling to a nearby fishing port where I got to see first-hand the tribal fishermen using travelers and cast nets to catch a variety of fish.  Most of the fish were stacked in piles and allowed to dry.  Interesting enough, we did not see any flies on the drying fish, or birds trying to eat them.  As one boat after another came in loaded with their catch, I just stood in amazement.  I have never seen such big piles of drying fish.  The reason there are so many of these smaller fish species  at the mouth of the major rivers that flow into the Bay of Bengal is because the rivers are full of nutrients.  That’s why there are so many fish in such a concentrated area.  Tomorrow we are off to film at a famous temple and than I’m back to river fishing in the afternoon.  I hope to catch some nice-size catfish and some other surprises.

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