Orissa, India Filming Update – Day 10.

Posted on November 21st, 2011

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Today we traveled on the river west of the Aul Palace and watched as fishermen used nets and bamboo rods/line to catch fish.  Red Snapper was the main fish caught as the tide was ebbing.  Next we went to one of the Royal Lakes and watched the Palace fishermen net some fish that we would use to do some authentic Orissa Province, India fish recipes.  We shot dynamic fish preparation segments with Rani Hemantika Devi, the Queen of Aul, India.  She shared with us a special Coconut Prawn dish (the prawns were caught in one of the royal lakes), a Fish Cakes dish (the fish also came from the royal lakes), a Small Fish fry, and a Lemon Currie fish dish.  Make sure to get all the delicious recipes once their air within the Orissa, India TV shows.

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