Ontario record Yellow Perch.

Posted on October 30th, 2015

My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and feasting with Angelko Prepolec in Windsor, ON who is a chef, operates the Knights of Columbus Restaurant Bar & Banquet Hall & who also holds the Ontario Record for the largest Yellow Perch!


I enjoy eating fish when we eat out and always check to see if the prepared fish was previously frozen or fresh. To my pleasant surprise Angelko purhcases only fresh fish from Kingsville, ON. Above you can see how well he prepared the walleye fillets. Angelko told me he chooses a very specific size fillet for his recipes since he finds the smaller walleye fillets tastier than the larger ones…and I agree fully!!


Also, when the yellow perch, scallop and shrimp platters were brought out, not only were the perch fillets fresh, but they were also “butterfly-fillets” something I have never has served to me in a restaurant.  All of the fish was lightly seasoned/coated so that the delicious flavor would not be overpowered. I have been in many restaurants where the coating is so heavy you really don’t even taste the flavor of the fish.


I finally got to see a replica of his Ontario Record Yellow Perch. It weighed in at 2.45 lb. It was caught while fishing from shore in the Detroit River, ON in March 21, 2010. On that day Angelko limited-out. The length of the perch was 15 3/4″ and the girth was 12 1/8″.


His favorite presentation to catch big perch is using a Perch Knocker (above) tipped with just a small minnow head! If you are in Windor, ON and you love enjoy eating deliciously prepared, fresh walleye and perch, you have to stop  in and see Angelko at his Knights of Columbus Restaurant located at 1711 Walker Road, Windsor, ON N8W 3P2!



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