Olcott, NY brown trout on TriggerX Single Eggs.

Posted on October 27th, 2013

I had my first chance today to go across to the US and re-new my non-resident licence, and at the same time to check-out at least Eighteen Mile Creek in Newfane, NY.  My first stop was the Slippery Sinker Bait & Tackle, 1 716-778-0713,  5780 Main, Olcott, NY 14126, shop, a must stop if you are planning on fishing Eighteen Mile Creek.

Next I headed up to the Fisherman’s Park where you pay $3.00/person to park in a nice lot, you have access to outdoor toilets, and there is a nice walking path all the way up to the Bert Dam with maintained garbage bags along the way…now that’s doing things right!

I started drifting with my Rapala R-Type 11’Float Rod matched with the new Rapala Shift Off-Set Center Pin reel loaded with Sufix Seige yellow line with a 8 lb. test Sufix fluorocarbon leader.  My first presentation was a 1/32 oz. white “jig-fly” which I fished for about 1/2 hr and not getting a hit, I switched to a TriggerX single salmon egg in the natural color.

Matt Lee holds up a nice female brown trout he caught drfting a spawn sack.

Within 20-min. of drifting I watched another steelheader just up from me fighting a brown so I went up and asked him if I could take a picture of his catch.  It was nice that he recognized my from watching our YouTube TV shows and right away we were trading info. on the fishing.  After wading up to my knees for the first 1/2 hr., Mulligan my pup was getting cold standing in the water so I decided to walk up towards the Bert Dam and fish off the rocks.

This nice male brown trout gave up a good fight. The TriggerX single salmon eggs works extremely well especially when there are spawning Chinook salmon in the runs wiht the brown trout.

That was a good move since I ended up landing two nice male browns.  Another kind angler netted the fish for me and than took the image.  By that time the light was getting low and I had to drive back to Ontario, so I decided to head home.  From what I was there are lot’s of browns in and still many salmon left.  Looking forward to getting back as soon as I can.

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