Oak Orchard, NY fishing update.

Posted on November 29th, 2013

Cold weather is keeping many anglers off the tributaries, but die-hard fishermen can bonus out with less competition!

Ron Biertine reports. Flows remain up in the Oak Orchard it looks like through the weekend. Anglers have had a somewhat tougher time for hook-ups through the previous cold weather the end of the past week. The weekend forecasted warm-up should perk up the action again. There’s no icing in the Oak Orchard and any icing in the area smaller tributaries with the moderating weekend temps should be manageable. Deep, slow or checked drifts will probably still be the ticket for brown trout and steelhead hook-ups although there may be more aggressive fish in the later part of the day with even a degree or so water temp warm-up.

Good idea to fish both egg-sacks, flies and jig-flies until you find the right presentation in a particular run.

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