NuCanoe trophy brown trout tributary TV show, Lake Ontario, Upper NY .

Posted on November 14th, 2013
Equipped with Rapala wading systems, the right fishing gear and NuCanoes, it was easy to catch trophy browns.

Timing is pretty important when it comes to tributary fishing.  Last week we had such cold, windy weather that it would have been tough to get out to enjoy some tributary fishing.  On the long-range weather forcast, today seemed like a good day not only to fish, but to also shoot a TV show.

The NuCanoe, the ultimate "hybrid" fishing Kayak!!

Aaron Shirley, Mulligan and I ended up travelling with the TV crew to Upper NY early this am packed with two “fishing accessory” equipped NuCanoes.  Our goal was to fish the lower section of one of the tributaries where the river is wider and sometimes tricky to wade.

Aaron Shirley delivering one of the many helpful fishing tips.

This was our first time tributary fishing with the NuCanoes and they performed excellent!  We started hooking brown trout within 1/2 hour of launching our crafts and the action was steady for about 4 hrs.  Getting to the river was easy by attaching specially designed wheels to easily pull the NuCanoes several hundred yards until we got to the water.

Aaron caught this trophy brown drifting the far-side of the river. Our best guess is it tipped the scales at 14 lb.!

Aaron & I both caught our fish standing and sitting in the comfortable chairs and Aaron landed the largest brown which was in the 14 lb. range.  The fish fought so hard I had to pull my anchor up and get beside him to give him a hand landing the fish….way to go Aaron!!

Both Aaron & I fished the Rapala R-Type float rods in the 11 1/2 & 13′ lengths equipped with the new Rapala Shift “off-set” Center-pin reels loaded with Sufix Seige and Sufix Tritanium 8 lb. test “high-visibility” lines and Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders.  Our choice of hooks was non-other than the Gamakatsu Octopus hook in size #8.



Salmon egg-sacks worked great fished under sensitive 4-5 gram floats.

Our bait, fresh brown trout and Chinook salmon egg-sacks.

Nov. is the top month to enjoy Great Lakes lower tributary trophy brown trout fishing.

In this show you will see lot’s of action and  several new products features including the NuCanoe and the Rapala Pro Gear insulated and lightweight wading systems.  If you love tributary fishing, you won’t want to miss the action or the tips!

If you love the idea of fishing in comfort form a kayak, you have to check-out one of the most stable crafts you can get, the NuCanoe.  You can accessorise them with a leaning-bar, rod holders, a 10″ high swivel pro-seat and much more.  This is a serious fishing craft!!

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