North/North West winds slow Salmon on Lake Ontario

Posted on July 6th, 2010
Unfortunately a few days of north / north west winds pushed all the warm water to the south shores of  Lake Ontario and left us with unseasonably cold water last Saturday.

The water temperature on top was 52degrees and 80 feet down was about 42 degrees,  we started trolling in about 90 feet of water to about 130,  marked some bait fish and a couple of other fish, hooked on a couple of small salmon,  turned around and head on to shallower  water,  in about 65 feet of water the rigger rod fired up and started peeling line.
Lake Ontario Salmon
After a good 10 to 15 minutes of Tony fighting, he landed a nice silver salmon (18 to 19lbs.) which finally appeared behind the boat where Rob was waiting to net it, the rigger was down 58 feet over 65 feet of water and the fish came off on a chrome Spin Dr. with green dots and white glow fly. Considering the lack of fish being around and the temperature of the water, we ended up with a couple more small Salmon and  it turned out to be an OK afternoon on the water.  The warmer weather should improve things this coming week!
Nader Sadjadi
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