Northern Ontario – French River Area

Posted on May 20th, 2009

Paul Lord, from Canadian Sportfishing reports on his annual opening weekend trip,  this past weekend to the French River area. Many anglers in the province this past weekend experienced very strong winds, cold tempatures and rain. The French River area was no exception. We were greeted with high water conditions and the water tempatures ranged from a low of 39 degrees up to 51 degrees in the shallow depths of the river system.

We ended up trying a number of different locations on Sat., Sun, Mon and Tues AM with the majority of time spent in Bigwood Bay and Dry Pine Bay. Our group managed to land a number of small pike on an assortment of Rapala lures including the X Rap as well as large Husky Jerk’s ( Firetiger being the most productive colour). We also experienced some success with a couple of the Storm lure offerings – deep diving models again in the firetiger colour seemed to hit the mark, with some gold toned jointed versions equipped with Red hooks also producing some nice results ) In general the fishing was not as good as we have experienced in the past given the state of the recent weather conditions.  We cleaned a couple of Pike for dinner and in both cases the fish had nothing in their stomach’s.

We also tried fishing with small sucker minnows 4-6 inches in length on slip bobber rigs with  little success. 

On a positive note the black fly’s were not an issue due to the heavy frost & cold winds! I would estimate in a week or two the fishing will be much, much better!

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