Northern Brookie adventure.

Posted on July 3rd, 2019

Ever wanted to get away for a few days for a road trip where you just head up north and stop by any stream or river and explore it to see if you can find a Brook Trout honey-hole?

Andrew Yeung had a week off and did just that and headed up north of Sult Ste. Marie, ON fishing off the highway and also exploring some lumber back-roads to find some amazing Brook Trout fishing.

Brook Trout need cold, clean water and once you get a few hrs north of southern Ontario there are lot’s of places you can find them. You don’t need to take a lot of gear. An ultralight or light action spinning rod outfit with 4-6 lb test line, a few small spinners, spoons and Rapalas and you’re set.

The key to success is to find remote areas where few anglers have been willing to fight the bush and bugs to get to bigger Brookies.

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