North Shore Kings – Lake Ontario

Posted on August 19th, 2013

I was able to sacrifice sleep on Friday and head out after work to chase Chinook Salmon on the North Shore of Lake Ontario for the Great Ontario Salmon Derby. My friend Glen and I traveled East and set up close to shore late morning. It was not a hot bite, but we were able to pick up a fish here and there. All kings were mature that we boated up to 24lbs. The water was really cold from an up-swelling from strong northerly winds, and this made the fish really fight hard! Wow, they were airborne and all over the lake when hooked! That was a riot.

During the moon rise period in the afternoon, there was a fast and furious bite that took pla

ce with larger fish. Unfortunately, we lost all those kings including the first tyee I had on all year! I was not very happy about that lol. We then got a mother of all tangles that took a while to sort out. By the time we got back to our hot way point, the moon rise bite for big fish was over. That was disappointing, but we persevered and were rewarded with a couple more nice fish. Nothing to weigh in for the GOSD derby, but I tangled with a brute that would have cracked the top ten. I fished hard all year for that one big bite, and it is tough when things go wrong and you loose THAT fish. There is still this week left in the derby, so I will get out for the last kick at the can to try and make the leaderboard before it is over until next year.

The hot lure for us was Luhr Jensen JPlugs fished off the rigger 30-feet back down 20- to 30-feet, and also off 5 colour Cortland leadcore line with Off Shore in-line planer boards. We got a few bites including the biggest fish on a flasher and TriggerX twinkie rig off the rigger 50-feet back 35-feet down. We also got a couple bites on a Spin Doctor and TriggerX bait head with a short lead off a Dipsy Diver 40-feet out on a 3 setting. Nothing on flies! Rapala Hydros reels were used with 20lb Flea Flicker line and 8’6″ RType rods for the downriggers. Hydros reels with 30lb wire and 10’6″ RSC wire rods were used for Dipsy Divers.

Good fishing!


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