Nighttime river Walleye.

Posted on November 4th, 2020

Our friend Scott Clark sent us these images recently of walleye he caught with friends fishing the Detroit River, ON from shore. The key to catching walleye in the Detroit River is timing. Walleye migrate into the river in spring to spawn and again in the fall to feed.

You can get walleye during the day, but fishing at night can produce many more fish. Successful anglers fish 4″ plastic grubs on 1/2-5/8 oz jigheads along the bottom in 15-25′ of water. Current breaks where the flow slows down can really attract number of feeding fish. This can be tricky since it’s easy to hook the bottom fishing from shore. Scott recently fished the Fishing Complete Italo’s Minnow and discovered they are just the ticket to catch hungry Walleye.

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