Nighttime Gulf of Mexico Snapper.

Posted on December 17th, 2019

Saltwater Snapper can be very nocturnal predators and they especially feed heavily during a full moon phase. Similar to Walleye in fresh water, during a full moon it’s easier to catch Walleye at night then it is during the day.

Recently we shoot a www.thecatchtvshow.com with our good friend Tyler DeGraff that operates Always & Forever Charters in south-west Florida. We were not disappointed, 5-of us fished all night and had non-stop action catching some really big Mangrove Snapper, some Lane Snapper and also Yellowtail Snappers.

The presentation that worked was fishing frozen Threadfin Herring on a double-hook rig, 3′ fluorocarbon leader/4 oz. sliding sinker rig.

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