Nighttime Florida saltwater catfish.

Posted on April 16th, 2017

If you ever take a holiday to Florida and you are close to either the Atlantic on the east coast or the Gulf on the west coast. Whether you fish off a pier on the beach, or off a dock/break-wall on the inter-coastal waterway at night, you have a really good chance to catch saltwater catfish, especially on a slack-tide.


Saltwater catfish will take bait like dead or live shrimp baitfish or chunks of cut-bait. All you have to do is fish it on the bottom out in “quiet” water off the main tidal current. Sometimes when you target catfish at night on live bait you might also encounter hooking a needlefish. If you do, careful handing, they have lot’s of small sharp teeth! Saltwater catfish at night, off the dock is also a great way to introduce young anglers to fishing.

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