Niagara River still murky from strong winds on Lake Erie.

Posted on December 20th, 2009

joe_female_rainbowI headed down to the base of Niagara Falls this morning with my friend Aldo Nava and Joe.  As soon as we arrived shortly after daybreak we could see that the water was pretty brown in color.  The visibility in the water was only about 10″.  The flow was slow, and the rainbows were scattered.  We fished for about 3hrs., we saw another angler land 3-rainbows and Joe landed the silver female.

We tried drifting with single imitation eggs, spawn-sacks and weighted flies.  We saw several fish rolling on the surface, but thy were dispersed due to the slow current.

If the water clears-up to at least 2′ visibility, the fishing should be excellent.

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