Niagara River producing nice Steelhead.

Posted on April 2nd, 2017

Michael Jordan Colton sent us these beautiful steelhead images from his recent trips to the Niagara River. Even though we have had on-and-off mild/cold weather, the Niagara has been a little stubborn in producing fish. Partly from murky water conditions, and partly from few fish having been in the river.


Things have changed for the better and as the smelt and shad have moved into the Niagara, so have more steelhead.


There’s been a nice mix of bright “chromers” with some reaching the low teens.

torpedo Many male steelhead that have been in the river longer are displaying darker colors and very well developed “kypes” on their lower jaw.


Hopefully the green-water color will rain as our mild temperatures continue going into April.


The fish were caught on a mix of baits and presentations ranging from roe bags, KwikFish and even crankbaits.

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