Niagara River, ON trophy trout & salmon on Jointed Rapalas, Storm Wiggle Wart & Luhr Jensen Kwikfish.

Posted on October 13th, 2013

My wife Barbara & I, our pup Mulligan and our friends Rick & Ashley Zuidersma decided to head down to the Niagara Whirlpool today around 2pm and see if we could hook some Chinook salmon casting Jointed Rapalas.

[nggallery id=909]When we arrived at the Whirlpool we met Jamie Windle who had caught a nice female rainbow, Joe Defilippis and his family who also landed a nice “jack” Chinook in the 5 lb. Range, and Mike Smith who had caught a trophy rainbow trout.

[nggallery id=910]Tyler Custers also caught two nice fish fishing with his 6-yr old son and two friends. The Rainbow hit a spinner and the Chinook salmon hit spawn. And Chris Feldman from Niagara Falls, ON also landed a nice 22 lb female Chinook around 7:15 this morning.

There were quite a few anglers targetting everything from carp (fishing sweet corn kernels on the bottom), to steelheaders 
drifting spawn-sacks with center pin drift-outfits, to anglers like ourselves casting artificial lures for Chinook salmon.
We all started casting the Jointed Rapala's in #11 & #13 size.Barb started things off by hooking a large male salmon, 
which we landed, but it still had lot's of energy left as welanded it and it flopped back into the water and swam away.
The only image of that salmon was captured by Ashley and she turned it into a “montage” you can see above.
Next Ashley hooked a nice salmon which she fought right up to shore, but the fish head-shook violently and it
 snapped her line and took the silver Jointed Rapala #13. Right after that Barb hooked another large salmon 
that ended up being a prime female of over 25 lb.

[nggallery id=912]We used the Rapala Shift and Rapala North Coast spinning rods with Rapala reels loaded with Sufix 832 braid and Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders.

[nggallery id=911]The Storm Wiggle Wart and the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish are also excellent plugs to use for both migratory trout and salmon once they enter the rivers.

I have a new Rapala Shift center-pin reel to test along with a new Rapala Shift drift rod and we are planning on getting back down tomorrow and hope to hook some more fish.


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