New Yamaha F90 leads class in torque & acceleration.

Posted on January 30th, 2017

Yamaha’s New F90 Leads its Class in Torque and Acceleration

TORONTO, ON., January 19, 2017 – Today, Yamaha Motor Canada introduced a next-generation F90 four-stroke outboard, which is lighter and quicker than its predecessor – leading its class in torque and acceleration. With the new F90, Yamaha has also introduced a new F75 in the same engine family.

“In Canada, the F90 has such a broad reach of applications that many consumers will be able to benefit from the improvements made to this platform,” said Jean-Francois Rioux, National Manager, Marine, Yamaha Motor Canada. “The new F90 is quieter and more powerful with the quickest acceleration for a four-stroke 90-horsepower currently on the market.”

Like the successful F70 before it, the new F90 and F75 employ a single overhead camshaft to drive four valves per cylinder, thereby saving weight while increasing volumetric efficiency – and making more power. Weighing in at 353 pounds, the F90 is 13 pounds lighter than its predecessor and displaces 1.8 litres versus 1.6 litres.

The F90 is not just quicker, it’s also quieter, which means a better boating and fishing experience for consumers. The outboards can be paired with several Yamaha propellers with the exclusive Shift Dampener System™ (SDS™), including Talon® (GP and Pontoon), for even greater quiet and comfort.

The F90 and F75 are compatible with Yamaha’s Variable Trolling RPM Switch (VTS™) for slow trolling and better fishing. They can be rigged for use with Yamaha’s award-winning multifunction tiller handle, and feature improved charging, with 35 amps of power over the previous 25 amps. The F90 and F75 are both compatible with Yamaha’s Command Link® 6Y8 and 6YC digital gauges, as well as Yamaha’s Y-COP®, for increased theft protection and security. A redesigned and improved long-span mounting system provides smooth operation.

To see the entire lineup of Yamaha Outboards, visit www.yamaha-motor.ca.

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