New Storm V-Slab soft-plastic.

Posted on November 10th, 2020

Introducing Storm’s V-Slab soft plastic lure that’s lightweight, has a high profile and is simply irresistible to large pike!

The V-Slab has been designed with a hollow-back that produces an overall lighter lure without losing any of its main characteristics of being a large lure with a big profile.

It’s the hollowed-out construction with thin side panels that creates a wave-like retrieve and collapses with ease on hook-set, greatly increasing the hook-up rate.

Changeable conditions? No problem. The V-Slab can be rigged in a number of ways such as weedless, with an off-set single hook, or with a two treble hook rig with pins attached to its reinforced rigging spots in the belly of the bait. Depending on where and how the fish want it on the day, by adding weights from Storm’s R.I.P. system, the swimming depth can be adjusted enabling anglers to find those pike hot spots!

(Angling International News)

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