My most productive 4″ Steelhead Bunny-strip Streamer.

Posted on December 17th, 2010

[nggallery id=391]For years now I have had more confidence fishing a streamer fly or in some cases what I call a jig/fly (weighted streamer), either by fly fishing, or by gently jigging these under a slip-bobber.  In my case, I am convinced that even when trout “shut-down” and don’t take spawn-sacks, or imitation eggs, they can be made to “inhale” a properly presented weighted-fly.  The key is to use the right size fly and to make it look alive in front of fish  (not dead-drifting it like you would a spawn-sack or imitation egg).

I have found that the most productive length for this fly is 4″.  Some of you may think this is kind of big, but I tell you it works!!  All you need is a #2 jig hook, a 4″ strip of white rabbit fur, a silver 1/16 oz. silver bead, a pin (I like to use ones that have a color coated head), a small amount of marabou, your favorite fly tying thread, and some head-cement.

Place your jig hook, hook down in your vise and wrap your tread around the hook from the bend to the eye.  Next use some head cement to adhear the thread to the hook.  Next, take your silver bead and place a pin through it so that the head of the pin holds the bead in place outside of the eye of the jig hook.  Next, continue to wrap your thread over the pin which is laying on top of the hook until it is firm.  Add a bit of cement to create a good bond with the thread and the pin.  Next, take your 4″ strip of rabbit fur and place it half-way down on the shaft of the hook with the fur facing down (towards the point).  Wrap thread around the first 1/16″ of the rabbit fur strip and than add some cement.  Next, add some marabou by wrapping it near the eye of the hook.  Now turn the hook over and place another section of maribou on the inside of the hook and wrap it.  That’s it.  Finish with 2-3 layers of head-cement and allow to dry.  Remember when you are fishing this fly under a slip-bobber, pretend that the slip-bobber is a “surface lure” and work it on the surface so that it gently pops in and out of the water (about 2″ pops).  This will produce a tantalizing action migratory trout can’t resist.  When a fish takes it the float will disappear in a split second…just set the hook and the fight is on…enjoy!

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