My golfing/fishing buddy did OK fishing topwater from shore for nice bass.

Posted on August 6th, 2009

I had to relay my recent emails from/to my good friend Kam Anderson who just spent a few days off fishing at his parents cottage at the east-end of Rice Lake, ON.  Hope you get some helpful tips from our dialoque.

Kam: “Hi italo this is Kam just saying that I just returned from the cottage, not great weather but managed to get two nice large mouth bass from shore.  I was using my blue Rapala Skitter-pop for the both of them and lost another one on a finesse fish with a bobber (strike indicator). I was wondering if the braided line I had on for the past three years was good,  but I guess it wasn’t because it broke my line and my dream of catching a larger bass  .I was wondering if I should use one of those Rapala  TS2 rods for top water and a different one for just casting and jigging?  Is there any place in town where I can buy them or do I have to go to a bigger fishing store?  I was planning on updating my rods and reels because I feel they are getting old and dated.  I was wondering if you could tell me of any techniques that you use to catch bass around heavy weeds and cover seeing as how they are getting that way up there.  Your friend Kam.

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My response: “Glad you hooked those two fish.  Sounds like the knot let go, not a line strength problem.  Make sure when you tighten any knot that you lubricate it with a little saliva before tightening, tighten it really hard (without breaking the line), and than make sure to leave at least a 1/8″ “tag” of line so that if the knot gets loose a little, it won’t slip and become un-done.  Lastly use a good knot.  The strongest 3-knots are (in order of strength):

1.Trilene Knot, http://www.netknots.com/html/trilene_knot.html .

2.Palomar Knot, http://www.netknots.com/html/palomar_knot.html .

3. Improved Clinch Knot, http://www.netknots.com/html/improved_clinch_knot.html .

Yes, it’s it would be ideal if you had the right-action rod for the type of fishing you want to do (like using the right club for the right shot). For,

* Topwater, the TS2SP62MH2 Topwater/Buzz-bait Action, line rating 6-17 lb. test.

* Jigging/Casting, the TS2SP70MH1, Pro Select 1, medium-heavy action, line rating 6-17 lb. test.

Angela at Pete’s Tackle should be able to order the rods for you.  The best reels to use for both these outfits are the new Rapala Volt Reels (Volt Bait Cast Reel Size 200 6+1 BB – Right Hand).

The Lucky Strike Weedless Spoon I gave you will work very well for fishing over and through thick weeds.  Check-out my blog about the TV show I recently shot using the spoons in heavy cover, https://www.canadian-sportfishing.com/?p=2221 .

God bless you,


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