My favorite recipe for baked salmon.

Posted on May 19th, 2014

I love to eat fish and sometimes, like when we are on a wilderness trip, or in Florida I eat fish every day, sometimes 2x day.  I especially love the taste of fresh fish since it tastes a lot milder that fish that has been previously frozen.

Yesterday I shared this recipe with our good friends Izzy & Shoshana.  By the way, Shoshana is an awesome cook and when we are in Florida, & I go over to their house (200 yds from our house), my first question is, “What’s for dinner?” And Shoshana knows I’m not just kidding!

So, here is the recipe:

-fillet your salmon or larger trout

-remove all bones/skin

-cut the fillet into about 4-5″ squares

-dip the pieces of fish into your favorite fish coating & than dip the fish in some beaten egg (the egg on the outside of the fish will keep the powder-coating form coming off)

searing salmon-take a frying pan, add a little butter and sear each piece of fish on both sides

-take your seared pieces of fish and place them on a broiling pan and cook them in the oven at 350F for about 15-20 min. (depending on the thickness of the fish pieces)

Baked salmon....tastes great!!
Baked salmon….tastes great!!

Remove and enjoy!  Try it, you will like it! Izzy & Shoshana did today for lunch!!

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