Multi-species anglers.

Posted on May 27th, 2019

Every so often I get a thank you from anglers who I shared fishing information with through our social media. I must admit that it’s most satisfying when I can help anglers catch fish! Chris and Ben Leuser are perfect examples. Here’s their response and images showing how much fun they have fishing for multi-species. And yes, I just emailed them map-screen grabs of where to catch walleye and crappie on Upper Buckhorn Lake.

“Italo, thanks for always taking the time to respond to our emails and provide advice/expertise.

My brother and I will never forget the many replies but particularly while on one of our yearly vacation in Picton.

We were stymied, frustrated and reached out for some immediate advice and help. You responded instantly, before we could even finish our shore lunch bbq.

You put us on some quality fish! Both sheepshead were caught in Picton Bay area while your continued support and expertise has put us on many quality Channel Cats/Carp throughout each spring. We are headed to Buckhorn Lake at the Scotsman resort, we have fished the lake a few times within that area. Is there anything you could advise for optimal success for the long weekend?”

Keep up the great work and God bless!



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