MotorGuide Xi5 amazing wireless electric!

Posted on May 11th, 2016



I just had the opportunity of fishing the new G3 boat rigged with the new wireless MotorGuide Xi5 for 4-days of intensive fishing on Lake Ontario, the Lower & Upper Niagara, & on Lake Erie fishing with different America Outdoor Writers & fishing/outdoor company reps and I can confirm that it delivers on all counts.


The hand-held remote commands are instant and the electric responds in a split-second in maneuverability and speed-control. I did not sense any “lag” between command/response.


The foot control is slick, wireless, compact and also responds well to directional maneuvering and power-commands.

057A5395 larry_italo_walleye

Fishing strong currents is a good test for any electric trolling motor and the MotorGuide Xi5 passed with flying colors. We hooked trophy walleye working the electric in slower-moving water and also effectively employing the “anchor” mode.

057A5398 italo_larry_smallie

When we were cruising at casting-speed to cover water with “twitch-baits”‘ for pike and bass it maneuvered gracefully and responded quickly to every command. If you are looking for an electric trolling motor that is powerful, wirelessly controlled with a remote or foot-pedal with many features, especially designed to help anglers catch more fish, check out the MotorGuide Xi5!

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