More Winter Carp Fishing Action!

Posted on March 2nd, 2011
Thames River, Carp Fishing - Winter 2011 Action
Thames River, Carp Fishing - Winter 2011 Action

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to guide two of my favourite fisher-girls Sandra and Tara on the Thames River for some winter carp.
A cold front swung through the day before and the temperature dropped considerably.  We were fishing in temperatures below – 20 degrees but the carp did not mind one bit.  Within minutes we had a triple header, but managed to only land  the smaller of the three which came in at the 4 lb range. However, the “ice was broken” and we were happy to land it!  15 minutes after that, one of the girls, Sandra, caught her first one of the day which was slightly bigger.  We ended up catching 4 carp and a freshwater drum.  Not bad for a half day of raw and windy post cold front weather!  The largest carp of the day was in the 15 to 20 lb range and Sandra did a great job fighting it despite her freezing cold hands. We took some quick pictures and it was released to swim again.

Our group fished with 7 ft. medium action spinning rods loaded with 8 to 10 lb test monofilimant line.  As for weight, we only need 1/4 oz egg sinkers as the water current wasn’t very strong. Added to that were tiny #
1 split shot for a stopper set about 14 inches up from our #4 egg hook which we baited with approximately 4 corn nibblets.  It was a simple rig with an easy cast out into a back eddy, where we would then play the waiting game hopeful of some hard hook sets shortly thereafter!!  With all this snow on the ground and these warming temperatures, you will want to be careful around our rivers with the rising water levels.- BE EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS THIS TIME OF YEAR.

If you would like a guided trip for many of our southern Ontario species, feel free to send me an e-mail at troutski79@yahoo.ca or come visit us up at Red Pine Wilderness Lodge this summer, for some excellent Walleye, Pike, Bass and trout action.  Hope to see you on the water soon.

Rod tip up!!
Ryan Edenborough.

Another Cold Weather Carp from the Thames River, ON
Another Cold Weather Carp from the Thames River, ON

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