Monster mouth?

Posted on February 20th, 2016

When most anglers think of “toothy” fish they picture musky & pike. Walleye ranks right up with them judging from this image sent to us by Brad Brookfield.


Walleye are part of the perch family, but unlike perch that have teeth more like the sunfish family (small & raspy”, walleye have major sets of outer & inner teeth definitely designed to feed on any size fish that fits in their mouth. Unlike Pike & Musky, their teeth are rounder, not flat, but still very lethal.


Should you use a leader if you are tar getting large walleye in the 8-15 lb. range? I do, especially when I’m casting crankbaits. My standard leader is 20 lb. test Sufix Fluorocarbon. I find it does not take away from my presentation and I like to have the security that if they “eat” my bait (which they do on many occasions”, no matter how much they head shake or make runs where their teeth brush the line, I won’t have any “irregularities”!

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