Mixed saltwater fish, Florida.

Posted on December 15th, 2016

One of the nice things about saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off of southwest Florida is that you never know what you will catch, especially if you fish bait in deeper water.


Arieshadella was surprised when we landed this Ramora that was circling the boat and than took one of the squid-bait on the drop. Ramora’s are very interesting since they have a flat head with a series of flaps that can lay flat, or extend out and than retract back. When they do, it creates incredible suction that allows the Ramora to attach itself to the bellies of rays and sharks.

della_porgy Porgy are one of the brightest bottom fish that are plentiful, they are fun to catch and excellent eating.


Lane and Vermilion Snapper are also very common along with chunky Grunts. All these can be caught fishing the same areas with bait near the bottom.


Thanks to Peter Yeung Photography  for taking some of the images.

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