Mini-cranks for Panfish.

Posted on June 21st, 2022

I love fishing for multi-species as the opportunities present themselves. Late spring is an excellent time for me to target “post-spawn” panfish like Bluefill & Pumpkinseed that have finished spawning along shorelines and start feeding heavily.

Crankbait Panfish.
Small crankbaits fished on an ultralight is one of the best ways to catch larger feeding panfish.

On of my favorite ways to target them is to located shorelines where the weedline ends about 10′ before the shoreline where I can cast small crankbaits like the tiny RS jointed Suspended Shad Rap.

Crankbait Panfish.
Larger Bluegill are especially aggressive when it comes to striking small crankbaits.

I fish it using a Duckett Crappie Slayer 5 1/2′ ultralight rod loaded with 6lb. test line. The light braid allows me to make long casts and the small crankbait has amazing action and only dives about 2′ down which is ideal to entice Panfish to strike.

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