Migratory rainbow trout fishing getting better in Meaford, ON.

Posted on April 14th, 2011

[nggallery id=490]My good friend Gabor Horvat just got back from steelhead fishing in Meaford, ON, and he reports that he and his friend caught some nice, fresh-run rainbows. The weather was excellent,

the morning a bit chilly but with the sunshine it warmed up. Danilo his friend started with the first fish, a nice female bow.

Gabor barely netted Danilo’s fish and he had another nice rainbow on!

After a bit Oliver landed about the same size female as well (no picture of that). They left a while later to check the other rivers.

They used a float presentation with a fine fluorocarbon leader (4 lbs) and size 16 hooks with spawn sacks. The water and flows were moderate. With warmer temperature coming our way in the next few weeks

the migratory rainbow trout fishing should improve in the Lake Huron, ON tributaries.

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