Migratory Brown Trout & Steelhead fishing, Newfane, Upper NY.

Posted on October 24th, 2014

I had a great time fishing with my friend Matt Crane in Newfane, NY for trophy migratory brown trout and steelhead today.  I needed to renew my NY State fishing licence and had planned to see Wes, the owner of the Slippery Sinker Bait & Tackle Shop at 5780 Main, Olcott, NY (716) 778-0713, and decided to meet Matt there at 8am. Not only does Wes sell all the right stuff to fish the Upper NY tributaries, he is a wealth of information on current fishing conditions and what the fish are being caught on since he deals with hundreds of fishermen a day that stop in to with re-stock on terminal tackle or some of the fine cured salmon eggs and other drift gear.

upstream_viewWhen we arrived at the creek, Matt was surprised at the number of people lining the banks and wading in the water. Matt has been fishing the tributaries on the west-side of Buffalo that flow into Lake Erie catching steelhead. This was his first trip to the Upper NY, Lake Ontario tributaries and he was certainly surprised by the number of anglers out.

downstream_viewI showed Matt the dam which is the most southerly barrier that the migratory fish can run up to and looking down-stream, the sight was the same…lot’s of fishermen! The good news was that there were also lot’s of fish being fought if we looked in any direction!

After giving Matt a quick tour of the creek and showing him some of the most productive runs we headed down-stream to fish some “frog-water”, slower moving runs with less people. This was Matt’s first time fishing a Rapala R-Type 13′ Drift outfit, and I chose an open area where he actually had to cast far to reach the main run.  I knew this would quickly get him used to the casting technique with a “centre-pin” reel….. he  caught on fast!

matt_1st_rapala_driftoutfit_steelheadWe hooked many fish and our highlight was getting a double-header. Matt landed his first steelhead on the Rapala R-Type Drift Outfit and I landed a nice brown at the same time.

rapala_wadingsystem_prereleasebrownWe both used freshly cured salmon egg-skeens to hook our fish and small Gamakatsu hooks fished just off the bottom under a float. Both of us had our reels loaded with the high-vis, Sufix Seige 8 lb. test line in Tangarine  Orange and Yellow color rigged with Sufix Fluorocarbon leaders. If you enjoy tributary fishing, Upper NY has amazing fishing opportunities and Olcott, NY is only 1/2 hr. away from the Queenston/Lewiston bridge. If you do decide to go, make it a point and stop by to see Wes at the Slippery Sinker, I am sure you will get valuable info. on fishing the tributaries and it will be hard for you to leave his shop without purchasing some of the excellent steelhead beads, Vodoo jig-flies, specialty steelhead floats and much more!


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