Memories from Lake Simcoe Part 2 – Evan Kedzierski

Posted on January 25th, 2012

March 14-2011 – Last day of the season permanent huts, therefore in the morning we took it off the ice. Was raining and somewhat mild weather. After the hut was moved off the ice, we dropped some rods in the water before heading off. We had out limit in 1hr and 30 min. One line down and a fish, line back down and another fish. We were off Willow Beach on Lake Simcoe about 5 km out in 88ft of water.
Whitefish and Lake trout were on fire and were nailing live minnows on a #10 hook.

Just for fun I threw down a #60 Williams Spoon and that was when the Laker Hit. 9 lbs Lake Trout.
Jigging or dead fishing did not matter, seems like they were hit anything.

Again, not maybe people out cause the ice was deteriorating quickly. Got the hut off safely and fished successfully. Another great day on Simcoe.

Evan Kedzierski




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