Mashkinonje Lodge Musky action.

Posted on September 19th, 2019

I just had the pleasure of fishing with Regan Thompson co-owner Mashkinonje Lodge and we had a blast catching bass and spent the day chasing Musky. Late summer is one of the best times to catch musky by casting large lures to “contact-points” like rocky and weedy points that extend out in deeper water, open-water weed-flats and open water structure that really fluctuates in depth.

In our case, the winds had made a 180-degree change and picked-up and even through we cast to many good spots, we ended up trolling a body bait and also a musky spinner bait over open-water rock structure that came up to 18′ in deeper water. When you don’t spot or connect with musky casting to shallower-water target points it’s always a good idea to go to open major structure that is either in narrows or in open-water and run lures at 10-15′ down so any musky near the structure will come up to check-out or strike your lures.

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