Making the best of ice-Crappie.

Posted on February 17th, 2018

Do you love catching and enjoying panfish? I do and so do Jeremy Patey and Andrew Brewer who recently had a good day  catching some really nice Crappie through the ice!

jeremy patey crappie

They were fishing in 10′ water using medium size, live minnows with their light-action ice fishing spinning  outfits.

andrew brewer crappies

The live minnows were hooked on vertical jigging spoons equipped with rattles and were fished about 2′ off bottom.

crappie ladel

Many ice anglers targetting larger panfish will also just use a set line with a live minnow. That’s where the TipNJig Total Ice Fishing System really works well to detect the lightest bites!

single boot crappie

Most Crappie anglers would be happy to find and catch “boot-long” Crappie. Any panfish that approaches 12″ gives an amazing fight and if you enjoy eating fish, you get some slab-fillets!!

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