Make the fish come to you!

Posted on February 12th, 2016



I’m really excited working with a company that had developed a product that “Makes the fish come to you!”. The product is www.baitcloud.com .  It’s a ball that you drop in the water any time of year for any species of fish and as soon as it contact the water is sinks and starts releasing bubbles, scent and flake. The product is organic and environment friendly and really works to make noice and bubbles with scent that draws fish in.


I have tested it in open-water and through the ice and it really works!! Here are some shots that we did in a large tank to see how rainbows would react to it.


The first thing they do is swim around the BaitCloud and check-it out.


Next, as the BaitCloud ball gets smaller they actually try and eat it.  BaitCloud coves in a variety of organic colors, fish oils, and flitter to cover every type of fish anglers are targetting from panifsh to gamefish.  Make sure to check it out, it will definitely increase your catch-percentage!!

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