Lunker City summer Smallmouths.

Posted on September 2nd, 2017

Gotta-love fishing summer Smallmouth Bass in the warm weather and using a variety of techniques from the water’s surface to the bottom.  On of the most effective is tubing along the bottom.


It doesn’t matter if you are fishing shallow, deep or moving water, Lunker City 4″ Lunker Tubes are hard to beat fished on the right size jighead.


Some people like to jig them. I find that just draggging them along the bottom works best. If I’m casting/retrieving I normally don’t slow-reel but lift my rod up gently and than pick-up the line and repeat until the tube is below me.


If I am drifting in current/wind, or pulling my tube with the electric I always make sure I have enough line out to contact the bottom every 2 seconds.



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