Lunker City Freaky fish for Walleye.

Posted on May 17th, 2018

I have been fishing Lunker City soft-plastic baits for over 32 yrs. and I’m very excited with one of their new offerings, the Freaky Fish.

walleye freaky


It has the same configuration as the Fin-S Fish but boasts a chunkier body and a slit in the belly to facilitate fishing it with a large worm hook just sub-surface, or fishing it traditionally on a jig head. I find the bulkier body gives it a slower drop rate which produces a tantalizing action big Walleye can’t resist. I compliment rigging it with a Fin-S Fish jighead that takes on the same head-shape a real baitfish and helps to “plane” the Freaky Fish to the left and to the right on the drop.

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