Lunker City Fin-S-Shad sleeper drop-shot bait!

Posted on May 31st, 2016

When gamefish are lethargic, fishing a drop-shot rig can be deadly. Depending on the fish I am targeting, I’ll use everything from a small 4″ soft-plastic worm, to a smaller swim-bait.

057A5423 fin-S-shad

The Lunker City Fin-S-Shad is a “sleeper” soft-plastic that few people use for drop-shotting, but it works excellent. This small, fat-looking shad bait looks and swims just like a small baitfish.

057A5427 whitebass

You can use it on aggressive, larger panfish, or any of the gamefish species. Next time you choose to drop-shot, give them a try!

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