Luker City “Spanky” for walleye.

Posted on June 22nd, 2018

Lunker City makes such a wide variety of soft-plastics for virtually all species of  predator fish both in fresh & saltwater. While I fish many of the “minnow” imitating soft-plastics for walleye and bass, I have also had great success with their Salad Spoon (surface frog imitation), and more recently their “Spanky”.

lunker city spanky

The Spanky is really designed to be fished as a “wacky-worm”, but recently when I was fishing deep-water Walleye in the Detroit River, ON I rigged one one a 5/8 oz jig-head and started catching Walleye right away. In the Detroit River many anglers use a 4″ brown, soft-plastic worm on a 5/8 oz jig-head, but the small diameter of the worm usually tears when sliding it close to the jig-head. The Spanky is 5″ long and wide at both ends which makes it perfect for sliding up a jig-head at one end and is thick enough so it dosen’t split, and all you have to do is snip off 1″ of the other thick end and voila, it’s the perfect 4″ worm for the jig!

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