Luhr Jensen Dipsey Divers & harnesse for trophy Lake Erie, ON walleye.

Posted on July 21st, 2014

barb_waalleyeMy wife Barbara, our pup Mulligan and I took advantage of the calm weather and headed out to Lake Erie, ON to fish for a couple of ours and see how the evening bite would turn out.  We headed out in our  2015 G3, 172FS   about 5:30pm for 60′ of water.  Taking advantage of the calm water we immediately deployed the  Minn Kota 80 lb. thrust Terrova and set it on “tracking” so we were travelling in a straight line.  The speed was set at 1.3 mph.

humminbird1199The  Humminbird 1100  series fish finder confirmed our speed and immediately started marking baitfish and walleye at different depths.

5oz_bottom-walkerI set up two bottom-bouncing rigs  each weighing 5 oz. which enables us to “bounce” the bottom about every 5-10 sec., without needing too much line out. I could only find bottom bouncers that were up to 3oz. in size, so I used 3-bottom bouncers to make 1-heavy one…and it works great!

italo_dipseydiver_walleyeOn our two other rods I rigged  Luhr Jensen Dipsey Divers and turned the weight to it’s maximum setting so that both divers swam away from the boat.  We let out between 50-75 yds. of line which had the Dipseys running anywhere form 25-35′ deep. By the way we were using all  Raplala Tournament Walleye rods with Rapala reels, Sufix 832 braid .

custom_measuring_tape_rod_rackThe G3 is equipped with gunwhales that have a track and enables anglers to add/remove rod holders or other accessories.  I like to have a rod-rack at the bow, especially when I am casting and using several fishing outfits. The rod-rack safely keeps the rods close by and away from the floor where they can get stepped on. As you can see, the space inbetween the rod rack is filed with a tape measure which is handy and gives us an idea of the size of the fish we are catching.

barb_measuring_walleyeBarb’s trophy measured out at 28 1/2″…that’s a nice fish when you consider we only fished a couple of hours!

zebra_musselsBouncing the bottom with a worm harness can produce a lot of fish, but if you “drag” the bottom you will also catch zebra mussels which take away the action of your harness.  If you bottom bounce and you think you have been “dragging”, always take the time to reel up and check for zebra mussels so you increase your chance of hooking-up walleye!



and within 5 min. of setting out lines Barb was fighting the first trophy walleye. We again used

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