Luhr Jensen Bang Tail spinners excellent for rainbow trout!

Posted on November 5th, 2013
Whether you are fishing rainbows in lakes or Great Lakes tributaries, the Luhr Jensen Bang Tail is an excellent spinner to use.

I love to fish for rainbow trout and this time of the year, when water temperatures drop is undoubtedly one of the best seasons to fish for them.  Avid trout fishermen know that spinners work great for both rainbow and brown trout, but they may not be familiar with the Luhr Jensen Bang Tail.

Jeff Devisser smiles as he holds up his first rainbow caught on the Luhr Jensen Bang Tail spinner.

This spinner has a heavy body allowing anglers to cast them far and to fish them as deep as they want, even in stronger currents.  In addition to a heavy body they also come equipped with a very flashy blade that attract trout from a distance and you can also purchase them with or without hackles on the hook.

Bang-Tail spinners work better because they're designed better. Featuring a built-in swivel that virtually eliminates line twist and a proprietary "instant-spin" blade design for instantaneous blade start-up on the retrieve. Bang-Tail spinners can be fished straight upstream (unlike many) as well as crosscurrent and downstream in rivers. You'll also notice the blades are thicker, producing a stronger vibration, and less likely to incur damage if bounced off a river rock or hammered by a large fish. With multiple sizes and a full color palette, there is a "Bang-Tail" to meet the demands of every water condition. See Tech Report #6: Casting Spinners and Spoons in Lakes and Streams.

If you plan on fishing any of the migratory trout streams this fall, make sure to fish the Luhr Jensen Bang Tail spinner and don’t be surprised if you hook a trophy trout!

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