Lower Thames River has a 3km frozen “wood-jam”.

Posted on January 11th, 2011

[nggallery id=407]The Thames River located in south-western Ontario flows west 273 kilometers through the cities of Woodstock, London and Chatham and flows into Lake St. Clair at Lighthouse Cove.   Its drainage basin is 825 square kilometers and it is provides important habitat for a variety of warm-water fish species.

Greg Whiston who operates www.reeldealguide.com , service in south-western Ontario and specializes in guiding anglers for a variety of fish species in the western-basin of Lake Erie, the Detroit River & Lake St. Clair, sent us these images of a huge “wood/ice-jam” that is presently stationary starting from the mouth of the Thames River at Lake St. Clair which  extends about 3 km. up-river.  Once the ice starts to melt this wood/ice pack may present a problem since it will work like “bricks/mortar” and may cause some serious flooding if it does not break up.  There should also be some environment concerns since much of this wood may be deposited in areas where it may cause severe siltation which has negative effect of fish spawning habitat.  Hopefully the proper authorities will monitor the situation and take action accordingly.

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