Lower Niagara River, ON Jumbo Perch.

Posted on November 25th, 2013
A nice catch of male jumbo perch taste fresh especially caught from cold late fall waters.

Nov. is normally the peak-time to bonus-out on Lower Niagara River, ON jumbo perch but strong winds over the last 2-weeks has made for challenging fishing due to turbid water conditions.  The perch migrate up to the Queenston, ON boat launch following the large schools of emerald shiners.  The shiners feed heavily along the current breaks but if the water is too stained they move to deeper water to feed and the perch follow.

The Blue Fox Rattlin' Flash spoon in the 1/4 oz. size is ideal for vertical jigging in open water or through the ice for jumbo perch.

A good way to locate feeding jumbo perch on the current breaks in water depth from 15-30′ is to vertical jig with a Blue Fox 1/4 oz. Rattlin’ Flash spoon.

Feeding perch hit the Rattlin' Flash spoon aggressively, especially when you gently lift and jig it upwards.

I normally let the spoon fall all the way to the bottom and than I start jigging it in 1-2 foot intervals and slowly reel up until I find the magic depth the perch are feeding at.  Sometimes they are near the bottom, at other times they are suspended.

The Sufix 832 braid in 10 lb test (4lb mono diameter), works well for open-water perch fished with a 2 foot Sufix 6 lb. test fluorocarbon leader.

I find that using the Sufix 832 braid in the 10 lb test (4 lb. mono diameter), works well with a Sufix 6lb. test Fluorocarbon leader.  The reason I use the 10 lb braid is because it’s common to hook larger fish like big walleye & rainbows that also move in to feed on the schools of emerald shiners.

If the winds calm down for at least 3 days next week, the Lower River should clear up and the perch should be back in on the current breaks close to shore.  If you love to catch and eat nice-size perch, you may want to head down to the Lower Niagara.

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