Look at the colours!!

Posted on May 29th, 2019

I have to admit it’s tough to decide which trout species is the most colorful, a brilliant native Brown Trout or a Brook Trout. I’m partial to the Brook Trout. In southern Ontario we have marginal Brook Trout habitat, but quite a few in-land Brown Trout. The challenge is catching native Brook Trout over 12″.

Andrew Yeung and John Wilkington had an amazing day fishing small hand-tied jigs for them in some of the southern Ontario tributaries. Hush is the word on location since finding these prized trout in larger sizes is rare.

The nice thing about Brook Trout is that they love cold, clean water and many of the head-water areas of our larger tributaries harbor them all season long. Even in the middle of summer those streams remain cold and the trout feed well. Only challenge is mosquitoes and poison ivy.

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