Longnose Gar-the “alternate species”.

Posted on June 23rd, 2022

I love to target all fish species. One of the most unique native fish in Ontario is the Longnose Gar. This fish has a long bony snout and scales like a snake.

Longnose Gar.
Longnose Gar are commonly spotted swimming near the surface of shallow-waters in most of the Great Lakes during June.

They can often be seen cruising the shallow waters of the Great Lakes in June when they stage for spawning.

Longnose Gar.
The #11 Original Rapala is one of the deadliest lures to use when trying to entice Longnose Gar in shallow water to strike.

This is an ideal time to cast sub-surface swimming minnow-like crankbaits. One of my favorite is the #11 Original Rapala. While you can get many Gar to snap at the lure, few are hooked in the snout and the ones that are usually throw the hook as they get airborne.


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