Longnose gar still in shallows and catchable!

Posted on August 9th, 2015

Our good friend Jamie Shepherd sent us another image of a longnose gar he caught this past week fishing a bay in Lake Huron.


Longnose gar are commonly spotted near or on the surface in our Great Lakes watershed, but seldom caught due to their long, bony snout. One of the best lures to catch them when you see them on the surface is an Original Rapala #11. Best presentation is to cast beyond the swimming gar and slowly reel in the Rapala so that it crosses in front of the fish at a 90-degree angle. Most gar spotting the surface moving lure will follow and snap at it with it’s long snout. When that happens, make sure to gently put pressure on the line. Making a “fast” hook-set will often pull the lure right out of their beak!

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