Live grubs for ice-panfish.

Posted on February 2nd, 2022

I love to fish for panfish through the ice. They include perch, pumpkinseed, bluegill and sometimes even rock bass.

I get my best results fishing small 1/32 – 1/16 oz jigs tipped with a live gurb.

Maggots can be deadly fished on a small jig for most panfish species through the ice.

The go-to is usually maggots that have been raised specifically for fishing on small jigs. I normally hook 2-3 near the eyes so that they wiggle and twist on the jig.

The Mousie is easier for fish to steal off your jig, but it’s worth feeding some fish to get good size panfish.

Second is the “mousie”, a slightly larger maggot that has a breathing tube which makes it look like a little mouse tail.

Wax worms are the largest of the grubs most anglers use for ice fishing when targeting panfish. they are hardy and stay on the hook well.

My 3rd favorite is the wax worm. I normally hook just one on. Sometimes I thread the hook of the jig right through the grub, other times I just hook it through the head and let the body dangle.

The key to catching any of the panfish species is to locate them. Most of the time the sunfish family are in water less than 12′ while perch can be as deep as over 30′. Once you locate them it’s tough for them to resist one of the above grubs gently shook near the bottom.

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